St. Anne’s provides emergency shelter and support to approximately 170 women and more than 300 children each year. St. Anne’s Place is a safe environment for homeless families to escape crisis, to stabilize, and to explore options for their future. Private bedrooms, shared bathrooms, meals, snacks, and basic necessities are provided for up to 16 families. In 2015, St. Anne’s Place began a program-wide shift to the trauma-informed CARE (Child Adult Relationship Enhancement) model, which emphasizes: minimizing the effects of trauma, strengthening the mother-child bond, promoting early childhood development and encouraging parent education and empowerment. Upon arrival at St. Anne’s Place, families immediately meet with the Intensive Case Management (ICM) Team – Parent Educator, Family Social Worker and Child/Youth Case Manager. Parents are guided through industry-proven parenting and child development assessments, which help them and staff identify the issues to address – mental health, developmental delays, education gaps, parenting issues, etc. - during their stay. The ICM Team collaborates internally and with community partners to employ wrap-around services for each member of every family.



Our programming services, in-house groups and activities include:

  • Providing mothers with the opportunity to engage in one-on-one mentoring with our Parent Educator

  • Ensuring that children are enrolled in and attending school

  • Providing referrals for mental health services and chemical health treatment

  • Connecting families with community resources to address any developmental delays

  • On-site visits with a public health nurse

  • Minneapolis Public School ECFE Parenting and Early Childhood class (on-site)

  • Family reading group

  • Moms’ Wellness Activities

  • Moms' Coffee Hour (conversation, journaling, reflection)

  • Parenting workshops (parenting values, bedtime routines, teaching kids responsibility, temper addressing tantrums, and more)

  • Mama & Me playtime

  • Music therapy (one class for pre-K, one class for school-age children, and one for moms)

  • Free Arts MN (school-age children)

  • Tutoring (school-age children) three times weekly

  • Arts & crafts

  • Field trips

  • Birthday parties

  • Playground activities



Phone  612. 521. 2128
Fax  612. 521. 3209
Office  2634 Russell Ave North, Minneapolis, MN 55411